creating memories

through my lens 

and when I get to come and photograph yours, I know how important this time is, how personal these memories become.

It's important to document life as your family changes throughout the years because, well, if we learned anything post covid, truly NOTHING stays the same. And life is short. I recommend taking family pictures at least once a year.

You should also make an effort to print your photos, hang them around your house, and create albums. Because as life changes, it's nice to remember happy memories, or on the days you get home and need comfort, your home can give you that with the beautiful memories you've built as a family. Create your legacy. These photo albums will be passed on for generations to come.

I truly believe family is everything, 

Hey, Lily here

I left my 9-5 and turned my passion into my full-time business many years ago and I’ve never looked back. While I established great relationships (I’m a people person!) and discovered my superpower for storytelling while working at Fox Sports in Public Relations, I love being an entrepreneur because it allows me to design my day around my personal priorities, the mom I want to be and the clients I want to serve.  

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me:
Working out on my Peloton
Movie night with my girls
Training for my next marathon
Or, date night with the hubby

My Days Are Fueled By Coffee

Let's be honest: coffee is life when you are a parent! When my girls were little (I had a baby and a toddler at one point), I would lose my coffee and find it in the microwave later in the day (I'm talking 2 pm). Now we have a 7 and 9-year-old, so that doesn't happen as often anymore, but I still believe coffee is life.

I love the different phases of parenthood you go through. This made me fall in love with family photography 11 years ago. Meeting families and learning about their lives made me love capturing a piece of their story before they are on to the next stage of parenthood.

Although I also shoot brand photography, preserving family memories is where my heart is. These sessions have made me emotional behind the camera and so grateful for the trust my clients give me with their memories. 

I've been shooting families 

It has been such a joy to document memories for so many! And although I shoot other things over at Lily Ro Photography, I will continue to document your memories because I value this so much. I'm a mom. I have kids. I see how quickly these kids change. I know first hand how coming across a photo of your kid as baby can be emotional. Capturing memories with your family is everything!

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